Remind yourself to take a break at intervals.
Automatically backup the clipboard.
Periodically backup any set of files.
Periodically backup entire folders.
Automatically move mouse, pause and click.
Periodically change desktop background image.
Automatically take screenshots of websites.
Automatically adjust the brightness by time.
Backup files and folders to external drives.
Automatically click when the mouse stops.
Automatically convert PDFs to JPGs.
Automatically copy data from inserted DVD.
Automatically copy a specific set of files.
Automatically copy USB files to computer.
Automatically delete browser history.
Automatically delete folders at certain times
Automatically delete temporary files.
Automatically drag the mouse without pressing
Periodically free random access memory.
Automatically log the active window over time
Log folder filenames at specified interval.
Automatically check the status of the printer
Automatically kill specific running EXEs.
Automatically lock your computer.
Automatically log internet connectivity.
Automatically log WiFi signal strength.
Automatically log the dB loudness via the mic
Automatically press keys over and over.
Automatically run or close programs.
Automatically shut down, reboot or logoff Win
Automatically switch between programs by time
Automatically sync two folders while you work
Automatically capture and save screenshots.
Automatically capture and save webcam shots.
Automatically capture and save webcam video.
Automatically unzip files after download.
Automatically click or double-click rapidly.

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