How to deal with User Account Control issues

Some errors occur because Windows User Account Control is set too high

Some of the Sobolsoft software was created by User Account Control was introduced with Windows 7. As a result, if you are receiving errors, you may need to lower your UAC settings.

For example, if you are getting errors such as

lower uac settings user account control lowering

then you will need to lower your User Account Control settings.

Click Start and type 'User Account Control'. Then select 'Change User Account Control settings'

user account control change

In the following window, you can use the slider to lower your settings. I have mine set to 'Never Notify'.

never notify uac

You will have to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

The alternative to lowering your UAC setting, is to run your computer as administrator as shown in the following image but I have not confirmed that this works as well as lowering UAC.

lowering uac

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